On July 5th – 6th I will participate in first ever Swift programming language hackathon. The event is organized by Base Lab, and take place in Krakow, Poland.

My personal goal of the hackathon is to get more familiar with new programming language, but the opportunity of creating something nice together with best iOS developers can’t be missed as well.

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Raywenderlich.com Team announced open tech talk about iOS 7 multitasking capabilities, and everyone is invited! Once a month, the Team have a Google Hangout where its members discuss a technical topics. This time the event will be open to the community. Live video streaming will be available, you can also ask questions during the talk…. [Read More]


This year Apple organized iOS 7 Tech Talks – an event for all developers interested in new technologies introduced along with iOS 7. For two days iOS 7 Tech Talks took place in several cities around the world and I had the luck to be one of developers selected to attend the event in London.

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Registered Apple Developers can watch full sessions from the iOS 7 Tech Talks to get in-depth guidance on developing for iOS 7. Discover how to create innovative, flexible, and intuitive apps that integrate the latest Apple technologies. You will find sixteen lectures containing video and PDF slides, eight about developing modern applications that uses iOS 7… [Read More]


Every year LeWeb brings globally-focused startups together at the Startup Competition in Paris. And only a few can end up on the podium. As EL Passion is deeply involved in engineering Startups, we would like to share our view on the most promising ones. I’ve narrowed LeWeb’s list of sixteen contenders to only six. Read more on EL Passion blog: LeWeb… [Read More]