Two interesting articles about Monads in the context of Swift programming language. If you are into functional programming you should definitely read the "conversation" between those two developers.

The problem is that Monads are a very abstract concept and, generally speaking, most of what you will find won't be better than this:

In functional programming, a monad is a structure that represents computations defined as sequences of steps: a type with a monad structure defines what it means to chain operations, or nest functions of that type together.

Rui Peres on codeplease.io

So, my thoughts… well. It’s more complicated than that. =) It’s more complicated because it actually feeds into something I’ve been feeling for many years and only recently really been trying to understand and figure out if there is something tangible I can do to make it better, if for no one else, at least for myself.

David Owens II on owensd.io

Read full article about Monads by Rui Peres.

Don't miss the reply from David Owens II.

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