Deploy screenshots, app metadata and app updates to the App Store using just one command.

Updating your iOS app should not be painful and time consuming. Automate the whole process to start with Continuous Deployment.

Deliver can upload ipa files, app screenshots and more to the iTunes Connect backend, which means, you can deploy new iPhone app updates just by using one command.


  • Upload hundreds of screenshots with different languages from different devices
  • Upload a new ipa file to iTunes Connect without Xcode from any computer
  • Update app metadata
  • Easily implement a real Continuous Deployment process
  • Store the configuration in git to easily deploy from any computer, including your Continuous Integration server (e.g. Jenkins)
  • Get a PDF preview of the fetched metadata before uploading the app metadata and screenshots to Apple (screenshots are taken for all screen sizes)
  • Automatically create new screenshots with Snapshot

Check out deliver tool on GitHub

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