Aspireboard native OS X app lets you quickly take a snapshot of anything that inspires you, organize it and find it later when you need it.

The project is focused on web application build with Ruby On Rails technology. The native OS X application that I’ve developed allows to take snapshots on your Mac computer quickly, using shortcut keys or status bar menu. Along with taking fullscreen snapshots, there is an option to select screen region that will be captured. Newly taken snaps can be immediately named and tagged in the native app. When you finish describing a shot, it will be uploaded to your account on Aspireboard website.

Application was build using native Cocoa SDK. It requires Mac OS X 10.8 or newer. After installed, it can be set to launch automatically when you login on your computer.

I was main developer working on the native OS X app implementation.

Aspireboard project in EL Passion portfolio

Aspireboard website

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