Learn how to use the new Handoff API introduced in iOS 8 to allow users to continue their activities across different devices.

Handoff is a new feature in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. Handoff lets you continue an activity uninterrupted when you switch from one device to another – without the need to reconfigure either device.

You can add handoff feature to your iOS and OS X apps in iOS 8 and Yosemite. In this tutorial you’ll learn the basic workings of Handoff and how to use it on iOS with a non-document-based app.

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NetworkObjects is a distributed object graph inspired by Apple’s WebObjects. This framework compiles for OS X and iOS and serves as the foundation for building powerful Swift servers as well as serving as a cross-platform alternative to Cocoa’s Distributed Objects.

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SCRecorder – iOS Camera Library Supporting Core Image Video Filters And A Tool For Customizing The Filters by rFlex Simon Corsin.

Some of the features of SCRecorder include: the ability to record video in multiple segments so you can easily create Vine type videos if desired, easy removal of undesired video segments, video filters using Core Image, merging and exporting videos.

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objc.io Issue #16 is all about Swift programming language. One of the most interesting articles is focused on rapid prototyping using Playgrounds.

Many developers enjoy building OS X or iOS applications because of how quickly one can create a viable application using the Cocoa frameworks. Even complex applications can be designed and built by small teams, in large part because of the capabilities provided by the tools and frameworks on these platforms. Swift playgrounds build on this tradition of rapid development, and they have the potential to change the way that we design and write OS X and iOS applications.

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Filip W wrote about using Swift as a general purpose scripting language:

The obvious advantage of such approach is that you now have the same single language to handle iOS programming, OS X app programming and generic system/automation tasks that you might want to perform from the command line.

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If you are not yet aware of this, Apple has introduced a new programming language called Swift in this year’s WWDC, alongside the new Mac OS X Yosemite. Swift aims to simplify the codes used in Apple platforms iOS and OS X. Despite the new name, Swift is compatible with the roots of predecessors like C, Objective-C and Cocoa Touch framework.

If you have been programming with Objective-C, learning Swift would be a breeze as it has inherited a number of syntax that you may already have been familiar with. And if learning Swift is in your to-do list but you haven’t started, here are a few free sources that is going to make things a lot easier for you.

The article lists 15 interesting resources that helps to learn Swift programming language. It’s targeted for beginners as well as experienced developers.

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