Here’s an open source Swift based library providing a very nice syntax for querying Core Data databases called QueryKit from Kyle Fuller.

Query kit includes helpers including functions for:

  • Querying
  • Filtering
  • Ordering
  • Slicing
  • Fetching
  • Deleting

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MMRecord is a block-based seamless web service integration library for iOS and Mac OS X. It leverages the Core Data model configuration to automatically create and populate a complete object graph from an API response. It works with any networking library, is simple to setup, and includes many popular features that make working with web services even easier.

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When developing iOS application that requires network communication, I frequently use AFNetworking library. It’s good to know that iOS along with AFNetworking supports HTTP Cache out of the box.

Unfortunately, when server returns code 304 “Not Modified”, iOS loads cached response in background and returns it to the user, as it would be returned from server. Because of that, you can’t implement different logic depending on data modification state. Investigating how AFNetworking works, gets me nice solution to that issue.

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Core Data has a number of features and abilities that are not commonly used. Chief among those are fetched properties. In discussing them with a number of developers, most have never heard of them and those who have heard of them couldn’t come up with a viable use case for them. To be honest, I …

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