Here’s a nice command line tool submitted by Krause for working with providing profiles allowing you to avoid going through the menus in Xcode in case you need to download or repair a provisioning profile called Sigh.

The features of Sigh as listed in the readme include:

  • Download the latest provisioning profile for your app
  • Renew a provisioning profile, when it has expired
  • Repair a provisioning profile, when it is broken
  • Create a new provisioning profile, if it doesn’t exist already
  • Supports App Store, Ad Hoc and Development profiles
  • Support for multiple Apple accounts, storing your credentials securely in the Keychain

You can easily integrate Sigh with your continous integration server and it is very helpful in case your existing profile suddenly becomes invalid.

You can install with:

gem install sigh

You can find Sigh on Github here with full usage instructions.

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