Vodafone SmartPass

SmartPass is an account that allows you to make contactless payments for items using a SmartPass Tag or Companion Card. With Vodafone SmartPass, you can pay for anything under £20 with your smartphone. Whether it’s for a quick coffee or a bite to eat with friends, there’s no need to rummage around for cash or cards – or borrow money if you’ve forgotten your wallet. Simply tap your phone anywhere you see the contactless symbol and away you go. Plus, you can check your balance or instantly add cash, wherever you are.

While Android version of the app uses embedded NFC module, the iOS app is designed to work with special sticker that allows to seamlessly pay with your phone. I was one of the developers responsible for implementing the application.

Visit SmartPass page on vodafone.co.uk

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  1. Rob Schlitt says:

    As a suggestion, and in an effort to keep things organised, I would find it useful if the SmartPass app would add a card to the iOS Passbook – this would make it ultra-easy to check your balance. The actual SmartPass app would still be needed (which is a nicely styled app btw) to top up and seek support, but for a simple balance-check Passbook integration would be great.

    • Darrarski says:

      Great idea. Unfortunately, I am not the person to which you should report such suggestions. I was only one of many developers involved in the project. Also, I wasn’t responsible for the feature scope. Perhaps, you should contact Vodafone support directly.

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