SCRecorder - iOS Camera Library Supporting Core Image Video Filters And A Tool For Customizing The Filters by rFlex Simon Corsin.

Some of the features of SCRecorder include:

  • The ability to record video in multiple segments so you can easily create Vine type videos if desired
  • Easy removal of undesired video segments
  • Video filters using Core Image
  • Merging and exporting videos

This is an image showing SCRecorder in action:

rFlex has also released a nice open source tool for creating Core Image filters on Mac that can be used within SCRecorder called Core Image Shop that allows you to select through the different Core Image options, and easily create your filter.

This screenshot shows Core Image Shop in action:

You can find the SCRecorder camera library on Github here.

You can find Core Image Shop tool source code on Github here or download the compiled version (Compiled on OS X 10.9 64-bit) here.

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