Learn the basics of image processing on iOS via raw bitmap modification, Core Graphics, Core Image, and GPUImage in this 2-part tutorial series.

Imagine you just took the best selfie of your life. It’s spectacular, it’s magnificent and worthy your upcoming feature in Wired. You’re going to get thousands of likes, up-votes, karma and re-tweets, because you’re absolutely fabulous. Now if only you could do something to this photo to shoot it through the stratosphere...

That’s what image processing is all about! With image processing, you can apply fancy effects to photos such as modifying colors, blending other images on top, and much more.

In this two-part tutorial series, you’re first going to get a basic understanding of image processing. Then, you’ll make a simple app that implements a “spooky image filter” and makes use of four popular image processing methods:

  • Raw bitmap modification
  • Using the Core Graphics Library
  • Using the Core Image Library
  • Using the 3rd-party GPUImage library

Read full tutorial on raywenderlich.com

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