ParseChat is a full native iPhone app to create realtime, text based chatrooms with Parse.


ParseChat is using Parse as backend which is basically free. (Free plan: 20 GB File Storage, 20 GB Database Storage, 2 TB Data Transfer, 30 req/s).

Really easy to setup, just copy/paste the code and use your own chatrooms.


  • Live chat between multiple devices
  • Multiple chatrooms
  • Dynamically add new chatrooms
  • Register/Login views
  • Basic Profile view is also included
  • Change profile picture possibility
  • No backend programming needed
  • Automatic online/offline detection and handle
  • Copy and paste messages
  • Dynamically resizes input text while typing
  • Native and easy to customize user interface
  • Send button is enabled/disabled automatically
  • Arbitrary message sizes
  • Data detectors (recognizes phone numbers, links and dates)
  • Timestamps possibilities
  • Hide keyboard with swipe down
  • Smooth animations
  • Send/Receive sound effects

ParseChat on GitHub

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